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Penetrables of Jesus Rafael Soto

The Penetrable Sonoro that Rafael Soto did for Jean Tinguely’s Cyclops came up again recently. I couldn’t find good documentation of it online, only a bad video with terrible sound. Here are some of his “Penetrables”. I’m sure I’ll need the reference again sooner or later.


Tomas Saraceno’s open artistic project Aerocene. Had a chance of seeing some aspects of it on show at the CCCB in an excellent show called “Después del fin del mundo”.

Living Root Bridges

Living root bridges

Critical Making: beyond Arduinos and blinking LEDs

Critical Making is a handmade book project by Garnet Hertz that explores how hands-on productive work ‐ making ‐ can supplement and extend critical reflection on technology and society. It works to blend and extend the fields of design, contemporary art, DIY/craft and technological development. It also can be thought of as an appeal to […]